» From 1940 till today...

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Pelsan Aydınlatma

From 1940 Till Today

         The firm called “Kolaylık Elektrik Evi” was founded in 1940 and it started its work as electric installation and reparation of electric equipments.

         After the death of Albert BENMAHIR in 1944, who was the founder of the company, his wife Rebecca BENMAHIR took over the management and she continued the business under the title “ Kolaylık Elektrik Rıfka Benmahir”.

         As a result of Rebecca BENMAHIR’s emigration to Israel in 1970, Rüstem DOĞAN who had began to work as a shop assistant at Kolaylık at 1953, took over the firm and changed the company’s name as “Kolaylık Elektrik Kolektif Şirketi”. And the company's name has been changed  as “KOLAYLIK ELEKTRİK SANAYİ ve TİCARET A.Ş.” in 1991.

         Now, Rüstem Doğan's grandson Abdullah Bahadır DOĞAN is the chairman of the board of the company.

         Our company started the production of electric materials in 1989 and entered the lighting business in 1997, so expanded its activity area and product range.

         At the present, we import – export electrical appliances and produce fiber glass reinforced polyester, BMC ( Bulk Mould Compound ) and various kind of electric materials that are made from BMC in our 4500 m² closed area in Beylikduzu - Istanbul factory.

         We have realized marketing of our products and imported goods at 5 floors 325 m² showroom and warehouse in Karaköy Büyük Hendek Caddesi. and Perpa.branches Moreover, we sell general electric materials as retail and wholesale in our Beyazıt, and Baku-Azerbaijan branches.

         To the philosophy of quality of material and the customer satisfaction; to increase variety of products; to supply right solves at the right time; to trade continuously, trustfully in a principle are among the targets of our company’s trade activities.



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